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NER Officer & Committee Reports October 21, 2017

Region Director

  1. The Gay Phillips Estate has finally been settled. Details can be found in the National President’s letter of the December issue of Needlearts.  This is very exciting news for the organization
  2. The 2020 National seminar committee has been chosen and approved by National:
    1. Seminar Chair: Lorie Welker
    2. Assistant Seminar Chair: Kari Boardman
    3. Dean of Faculty: Chris Gaugh
    4. Assistant Treasurer: Jane McCord
    5. Assistant Registrar: Linda Tierney
    6. Seminar Secretary: Lisa Green
  3. We are looking for theme ideas for the 2020 Seminar.  Details can be found later in the newsletter
  4. Keep an eye out for exciting changes coming for the National Website as well as a logo update! The Rollout is scheduled for January 2018.

-Kari Boardman

There has been no activity.

This is what I said in my report before the last Board meeting, sent to Kari Boardman on June 1, 2017:

It is time for the chapters to send me their membership lists, including whether a person is a plural or primary member. To date, I have only received the information from Pioneer Valley.
Please send the information electronically in a form that can be manipulated. This means NO PDF files. Excel or Word would be preferred.

Since the last board meeting I have heard from Berkshire County and Green Mountain only. Nothing from the other chapters.

This is not an issue this year since we are not doing a postal mailing like we did last year with the seminar brochure. This information is needed so we can make sure all plural members whose primary chapter is not in NER receive news about our activities.

Respectfully submitted,
-Pat Timpanaro

Newsletter Report:
The winter newsletter will go out some time prior to November 28, 2017. Deadline for submissions is at the NER board meeting on October 28.
-Denise Pratt

Toys Committee:
Nothing to report
-Diana Snyder
-Sue Polumbo
-Carolyn Ball-Hanson


Isabella - Italian Drawn Thread is completed as is the Circle of Blue Flowers. The popular vote at the June meeting was for Denise Pratt’s Snowflake Ball. The books have been sent to the participants and this GCC is underway.

I will be passing around another vote sheet for the next three GCCs. At the June meeting there was no definitive choice except the Snowflake Ball.

The Toni Minieri class was last weekend. This was number two of our Philips Grant. The next class is beading with Mary Alice Sinton on April 27-28, 2018. The last class will be a counted thread piece with Ellen Chester in the Hartford/Springfield area on September 8-9, 2018. See Pat Timanaro’s report for details.
The T.O.Y. S. committee has not made any progress over the summer. Discussion is under way to determine if a new approach may be needed.
-Susan Polumbo
NER Education Chair

Corresponding Secretary:
Since the June board meeting, I have not sent out any cards.
-Lisa Green

Nothing new to report. As usual, if you have anything to add, please send it along.

  1. Carrie Powanda Croft

Outreach Report:
No report.

-Carolyn Ball-Hanson

No report.

-Lynn Mcann

Phillips Grant Committee:
No report
-Pat Timpanaro

Seminar 2020:

Back Bay Boston, Massachusetts September 3 – 8, 2020
The Executive Committee for the seminar is set as follows:
Chair – Lorie Welker
Asst. Chair – Kari Boardman
Secretary – Lisa Green
Dean of Faculty – Chris Gaugh Asst Registrar – Linda Tierney Asst Treasurer – Jane McCord

We are in contract negotiations with our chosen hotel in the Back Bay area. We are confident you will approve as we will have all of our activities between two floors in the hotel.

We have planned to host “mini-classes” on Thursday night, September 3. This is something that the SCR region does with their region seminars, so the tradition has now been started at the National level. This will be an opportunity to engage local designers/teachers to teach a small project.

One day classes will be on Friday September 4. The Opening Banquet will be Friday night.

Four day and two day classes will kick off Saturday morning. The final banquet will be Monday night, September 7. If EGA decides to do a live auction – it will be the entertainment for the final banquet. This is a change from the traditional schedule, doing the banquet the night before the last day of class – but the Region Board felt it was a better fit with the overall schedule. I am hopeful that future seminars will consider this approach.

We are requesting theme ideas and ideas for artwork from our region members. We need to get our logo approved and set by mid next year.  Ideas and sketches can be sent to EGASeminar2020@gmail.com

Linda Marchand will be in charge of the seminar brochure and Diana Snyder has volunteered to be Angel chair. Many more committee chairs will be needed. If you are interested in volunteering please send an email to the gmail address above.

-Lori Welker
Chair 2020 National Seminar

The website will be updated after the meeting.
-Joanna Enzmann


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