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March 23, 2019

This was my first official national board meeting. It was a very busy 2 L days. I recall our past RDs returning from their first meetings and noting all the work that is done. I agree. It is all done very formally by parliamentary procedure but there is time for laughter.
I will try to condense three days of meetings into just a few pages.

Ruth S Ryan, PRP, CP-T, presented several short workshops at the Regions meeting and the Planning meetings. She answered questions posed ahead of time by board members. I will attempt to demonstrate/implement these at our meeting. I have copies of helpful hints and answered questions that I can forward to you if you’d like. Many of our, from the floor questions, were answered with “you may use your custom rather than strict Robert’s Rules.”

Janet would like all current RDs to identify their successor and keep that person updated on all that the RD is involved in and what is going on at the national level so that the transition is smooth. Or if something happens to the current RD, someone is able to step in immediately.
After study regarding the suggestion a year ago, by an outside company working with us, it was recommended that we keep the board at its current number. It is believed that any restructuring of the number of regions would not be efficacious at this time. The regions provide many opportunities for the members.

Catherine Jordan recorded 6 videos with the show “Creative Living” with the PBS station in New Mexico. National has obtained copies and Rand will be placing them on our Face Book page. Each is 6-8 minutes long. Janet will be working with the show to do further episodes. Creative Living was thrilled with the responses they received to the videos. You do not need to be on FB to view. Sign in to EGAUSA and click on the FB logo at the bottom of the page. Rand will be releasing them at approximately one a month. The first was released today (March 21, 2019).

Janet recommended and the board approved inviting Mary Corbet, an Internet influencer, to attend the seminar in St. Louis this fall. EGA will pay for her seminar experience. She has given reviews of organizations, books, materials, products, etc. related to needlework. Once a positive review is read many vendors have run out of products or sites have crashed. She is a member of EGA who has stated that she hopes to be able to afford a trip to a national seminar at some time. She has given NeedleArts and an EGA teacher good reviews. The teacher was inundated with requests.

Gold Thread nominations are due May 1, 2019. A nomination was turned down because the committee felt that the nomination was not strong enough. Cynthia Welch, administrator will keep RDs informed on nominations from their regions - no names - so that we can make sure we have a nomination!

Janet proposed a member benefit for Seminar 2020. She proposed giving each region $2000 to award to a region member (including MALS) to attend the seminar. A question was raised as to parity among the regions with the smallest having a 1 in 3 chance of winning vs. the largest having a 1 in 9 chance. Discussion followed as to what should the criteria for awarding the money be. It was decided to table further discussion until the fall after RDs have had the time to discuss with their boards. This would make the award available for 2021 not 2020.

Beginning with National Seminar 2020 all seminar brochures will be on-line only. If a member needs a paper copy, another member of the chapter/region should print for them. While it had been hoped that open registration could begin 30 days after the close of early registration, that will not work. The registrar and the dean of faculty must perform a cost analysis to determine if any projects or teachers need to be removed from the offerings. Anyone who signed up for one of the those must be given the chance to sign up for another class. This takes time.

Life members - a reminder - Their Life status refers to National dues only. If you have a Life member of your chapter, they should be paying the chapter dues plus the region dues if they are primary with your chapter.

In fiscal year 2018, EGA National had a net profit of $48,013. A budgeted loss of $116,744 had been expected.

Seminar 2018 had a profit of $99,886. This was in part a result of higher attendance than expected. All proceeds went to National as there was no split.

Crown Jewels received $13,000 more than budgeted.

Legal fees in 2018 were higher than expected because the attorneys did not submit a bill for 2017. They sent it in 2018.
The Phillips Estate is closed. There was money written off in 2018 as the attorneys did not think we’d see it. EGA received a check for that money of $41,441.00 just this year.

The Phillips Estate is now known as the Montague Joint Venture. This is a note due to EGA in approximately 10 years. The family wishes to pay it off early. With that in mind, they recently sold off the lumber on some of the land which they turned over to us in an interest payment of $14,375 and principle of $64,326. This leaves a balance on the note of $1,085,674.

There are 3 chapters who have not submitted their financial reports for 2018. New England was fully reported!
Reminder that a reimbursement for Quick Books is available until July 1, 2019.
All investments will be in CDs with Charles Schwab when the last two mature in 2019 and 2020.
The Finance Committee recommended that dues remain static for 2020. Full board approved.

Each seminar may decide if they will hold any fundraising events. Opportunity drawings can not be held as they are a “game of chance” under most state laws. Check with your state to see what their law is regarding raffles. Auctions are not games but a way of selling.
The one Canadian chapter requested that they be permitted to pay their dues in Canadian dollars due to the unfavorable exchange rate. After much discussion, at the full board meeting, they were denied their request.

It was approved by the full board that a complete audit would occur every three years with the change in treasurer. The other two years will be a financial review of the books.

Scholarships were approved as follows:
Mary-Dick Diggs Scholarship               $250
Legacy Scholarship                              $1,500
Penny Evans                                        $350
Research Fellowship                             $1,500
Genny Morrow                                     $590

Judith Richardson          $315

Marjorie Jones                                     $500 for a crewel class at National Seminar 2020, deadline April 1
Check the website for deadline dates for scholarships and what they cover.
The Board approved a one-time expenditure of up to $20,000 for website enhancements: improved search capabilities, make all webpages printer friendly, Online GCC registration, make all forms fillable forms, perform 12-15 “small” fixes.
The Board also approved a “retaining” fee for up to 4 hours a month at $140/hour to be used on a quarterly basis to fix any issues that may come up. These are items that Rand cannot perform as they are accessible by the writer of the programs.

The Publication sub-committee is digitizing all petite projects. The old hand drawn diagrams are being converted to digital graphic design.
Collections sub- committee is cataloging new acquisitions and making muslin slips for all pieces while in storage.
The Master Craftsman sub-committee is updating the bibliographies for all courses.
The Library sub-committee is reviewing all books in the library and will be adding, cleaning house, etc.

Extended Study Program is expensive when an overseas program. However, the profit made helps lessen the cost of ESPs in the states.
There are several openings for chairs of sub-committees in the Education department. Also, some of the current chairs have been so for a long time. This is your chance to make a change, learn, etc. If interested look at the education committees on the website and contact Celeste Chalasani.

Group Correspondence Courses: There are 4 new courses being developed. Four courses are in the pilot or post edit process.

Independent Correspondence Courses: Less activity. There is a lot of time and work involved in developing an ICC because of the depth of research needed.

While we have lost members over the last 6 years the percent of loss has decreased.
National has hired a new marketing firm, Field Trip Multi-Media Marketing Agency, as our contract with the previous firm has expired. They presented their plan for going forward and led a brain storming session with the full board to determine our views of the organization - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Two of the team have joined EGA including the founder and president of Field Trip.
The Board approved the following items for sale by EGA:
Magnetic notepads, holiday cards with EGA collection pictures, an ornament, T-shirts, stadium cups, EGA charm, tape measure, band-aid holder, buttons, EGA logo notecards, and thumb drive with logo.
Consumer Show Festival Box: This is a box made available by EGA for use at shows where the guild can participate in outreach. National will support this with up to $750. Chapters and Regions can use the box once every three years. The Quilting and Sewing Expo has extended free registration to any of their shows for EGA. The box contains a banner and materials for stitch in public, etc. The Show will be held in New England September 12-14, 2019. The Show will provide free registration/booth rental, free admission for all volunteers for the booth, free parking for all, and printing.
National will provide and help develop new logos for regions and chapters using the new EGA logo. As far as color goes, jewelry may have gold or silver along the outer edge. Anything else must adhere to the official colors as approved for the logo. Any logo use in any form - on your letter head, regional or chapter seminars, etc. must be approved by the logo committee. (see Beth Lindsay for name of contact). Regions and chapters may ask for a template.
Plymouth Project/Mayflower 400 initiative - Beth Lindsay is working with the British to determine what and how this may work. National is considering working this into Seminar 2021 in Chicago to align with the first Thanksgiving.

Personnel Committee:
Conducted 2 reviews of office staff. Went well.

Executive Committee:
Made several Policy and Procedure changes.
GCC and ICC teachers will be paid monthly instead of quarterly.
The Code of Conduct will be updated.
The P&Ps will be officially updated 2 times a year after each board meeting. Rand will change the date at the bottom of all pages so users will know if they have the most recent copy at hand.
Any P&P changed between meetings will be sent by email/email blast to all who will need that change.
The “refundable deposit” for Study Box rental is being eliminated. Study Boxes are being updated.
The above changes are effective immediately.
It is time to start thinking about, as all NER chapters, and the region are due for updating in 2023.


Laurel Kulas was appointed the Education Chair in January. However, she has resigned the position so that she can be the Dean of Faculty for the Boston Stitch Party - Seminar 2020. Lynn McCann and Kate Thomas have agreed to co-chair Education.

The GCC, More Than A Rose, is currently being worked on. The Maharajah’s Elephant is being collected this week to be sent in for critique. A new GCC will be chosen at the board meeting.

Spring Break was canceled as there were only fifteen registrations. The cancellation incurred a loss to the region of $6400.

Amee Runs with Scissors was one of the teachers who was canceled. She approached us with an offering of the same piece being taught for one day. The class will run for seven hours. There were four people originally signed up for Amee’s class. All agreed to carry through with the class. Linda Berry obtained the meeting room at her residence in Bloomfield, CT for free. After looking at Amee’s cost and dividing between five students, it was decided to hold the class. Notice went out to the region and gained five more people. Amee’s class will be held on March 30, 2019. Total of ten students.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Polumbo Education Chair
Outreach Report

Cape Cod Chapter
Nothing to report

Southern Maine
SOME Chapter Members Jill Snyder Wallace, Jane Perkins, Marjie Thompson and Suzanne Bruno exhibited work at the Tea Time Exhibit at The Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, Maine.
Kennebunk Group Area Member Carolyn Hardison taught wool penny rug embroidery for her church group. March
SOME Chapter members Marilyn Sames, Linda Marchand and Vicki Swerdlow demonstrated embroidery at the Scarborough Library Textile Day.

One member (Barbara Harry) did the following: Taught a Cross Stitch Class at the Hancock Village in Pittsfield in September and did a stitching demonstrate at the same place in December.

Green Mountain
Summer bookmark project is underway. This is in conjunction with our summer stitch-ins at area libraries which start in June. Bookmarks each year are based on the National design for youth. Over 100 are usually stitched.

Merrimack Valley
Nothing new to report.

In December, we donated two tabletop Christmas trees with hand stitched ornaments to two locations of the New Hope Women’s shelter. The residents of the shelter will be allowed to take ornaments with them if they choose. Each shelter will keep their tree and Mayflower members are working on new ornaments for December 2019. Our goal is to fill the trees each year.

Pioneer Valley
In December we donated $225 in gift cards for various grocery stores to Lorraine’s Food Pantry in Chicopee, MA. We also continue to collect toiletries for the Southwick Homeless Shelter.

Connecticut River Valley
On Feb 10, 2019, a CRVC member did an all-day stitch in public at the lobby of Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.
On March 1, an opening reception was held for “The Art of Needlework” exhibit at Seabury in Bloomfield, CT. The exhibit in the Terrace Gallery includes 40 pieces from 10 CRVC members. It will remain up until mid-April.

Celestial Stitchers
No report.

Carrie Powanda-Croft Outreach Chair

Newsletter Report

The Spring Newsletter will go out some time prior to April 23, 2019. Deadline for submissions is March 23. Paper copies were sent to four recipients. Cost of copies at $.06 per page totaled $9.12. Postage was $6.73.
Please be sure to send my “Items of Interest”, such as local exhibits at museums or exciting doings in your chapter or anything that you think other members of NER might be interested in. Thanks a bunch.

Denise Pratt Newsletter Editor


The website is currently up to date. I have removed old items and added new ones as they were sent to me. The next update will be after the next NER newsletter is published.

Joanna Enzmann

Corresponding Secretary
In October I sent a sympathy card to Denise Harrington Pratt. Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Green


Toys Committee

A class was held at TouchStone School in Massachusetts. The teacher was interested in the training and suggested it be done with her class of ten. A follow-up will be done with the new art teacher this spring. Other contacts with Scouts and schools are in the process.
The T.O.Y.S. Project will have an exhibit at Seminar 2019 with person to answer questions. Volunteers to assist would be appreciated. If interested e-mail Diana Snyder - DeeNSnyder@gmail.com
Please note: Help needed to reach Youth Groups: First, to know who to contact, second, and most important is someone to make the initial contact, and third, someone to give the instructions. Suggestions of people okay— we can make contact!

Diana Snyder, Chairman
Sue Polumbo
Carolyn Ball-Hanson Committee Members


Nothing new to report.

Lynn Mcann


Seminar 2020

Our Bank account is finally opened.
We completed Faculty selection and have chosen 31 teachers. Contracts are in process.
Laurel Kulas has been approved as Dean of Faculty- as Chris Gaugh resigned the position.
Kate Thomas has volunteered to chair the Seminar handbook.
Lori Estey has agreed to serve as volunteer chair.
I am still in the process of looking for volunteers to chair:
Merchandise Night Teachers Showcase
International Teacher Tour - potential candidate identified Education Exhibit Liaison potential Candidate identified
We are in the process of nailing down our significant time-line dates for Early registration class assignment notification, payment by Early registrants and the date for Open registration to begin.
We were fortunate to get a volunteer from the St. Louis area that will receive packages for us for Seminar 2019. In process of selecting Photographer for class pieces in St. Louis and Boutique vendor.
NER currently has 12 individuals attending Seminar 2019. We will be seeking some volunteer hours from all of these people to support our Early Registration area.
Would like Region Board to weigh in on whether we should have opportunity baskets and organized tours.

Lorie Welker, Chair 2020 National Seminar



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