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NER Officer & Committee Reports October 21, 2017

Region Director

  1. The new slate of National officers was voted in at the National meeting in October. Congratulations to them all.
President Janet Noble Caroling
Vice President Marnie Graley Tennessee Valley
Secretary Maria Hall Metropolitan
Treasurer Jennifer Mullins South Central
Director Education Celeste Chalasani Greater Pacific
Director Bylaws Gerogann Lane Greater Pacific
Director Marketing Beth Lindsay New England

Congratulations to your new NER board:

RD Sue Polumbo
ARD Lynn McCann
Treasurer Deb Milvae
Secretary Sue Andrews

2. A new Heritage Fund has been asset up at National. The fund will be used for the preservation of the collection in the future. Members can make contributions to the fund.

3, Starting with the 2019 National seminar, only battery-operated lights will be permitted in classrooms. This is due to the rising tech costs charged by the hotels.

Kari Boardman (outgoing)
I have received 2018 membership lists from all chapters EXCEPT Connecticut River Valley and Mayflower. I will forward the information submitted to the next Membership Chairman.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Timpanaro, Membership Chairman
The GCC Maharajah’s Elephant is in progress.

More Than a Rose’s registration fee has been mailed. There are seven participants. I will be the group leader as no one volunteered. Two ladies did explain why they couldn’t do it at this time.

We will discuss the next GCC at the meeting.

See Pat Timpanaro’s report on the completion of the Phillips Grant classes. See Diana Snyder’s report on the T.O.Y.S. program.
The electronic brochure for Spring Break was sent out with a couple of glitches that were corrected. Requests for 3 paper copies were made and brochures mailed to those folks. Laurel Kulas is the registrar and has begun receiving registrations. They will be accepted on a first come basis.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Polumbo Education Chair
Outreach Report
See chapter reports for individual outreach updates.

Carolyn Ball-Hanson

Newsletter Report
The Winter 2018 newsletter will go out some time prior to November 30, 2018. Deadline for submissions is at the NER board meeting on November 3. Please be sure to send any items you want in the newsletter to me in a timely fashion. Thank you.

I have an idea I would like to try with the newsletter. I would like to do a page called... “Items of Interest” or something along those lines. I am thinking of it being a page of information that is not already addressed in the NER Reports or NER Calendar. I would like to put in things that members may be interested in like museum exhibits, quilt shows, demonstrations and the like. There are probably lots of events members might find interesting but wouldn’t know about unless it was something in their area. Members of chapters may want to make a field trip to an event or exhibit. At the very least we will be giving our members information about needlearts elsewhere in the region. And at the same time making the newsletter more interesting.

Denise Pratt Newsletter Editor
Nothing new to report.

Carrie Powanda Croft

No report

Joanna Enzmann

Corresponding Secretary
In October I sent a sympathy card to Denise Harrington Pratt. Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Green

Phillips Grant Committee
This is the final report on this activity.
Class #4, Counted Thread on Linen with Ellen Chester, September 8 and 9, 2018
We ended up with 16 students in the class, meeting the minimum number of required students.
I would like to thank Laurel Kulas, for handling all the on-site details during the class. I did join the group for lunch on Sunday and stayed until the end of class. The hotel is a lovely facility, one that will be a good venue for our Spring Break. Additionally, the hotel representative is the best hotel person I have ever worked with. She was on top of everything and did all she could to make sure our guests had a positive experience.
Final Financial Report
The net cost for each class was:

$2555.81 Sylvia Murariu
$1950.53 Tony Minieri
$2318.14 Mary Alice Sinton
$2360.96 Ellen Chester
$9185.44 Total


Amount of Phillips grant: $5000
We used $4185.44 (83.7%) of the matching NER funds
My initial estimate was between $1500 and $2000 for each class, which proved to be a bit low. Three of the four teachers did not leave until Monday morning, necessitating an additional night’s lodging. In addition, air fares were higher than estimated. The hotel where we held Tony’s class did not charge us for the classroom, based on our food and beverage charges. If there had been a charge, the cost for his class would also have been in the $23xx range. For future planning, NER should estimate spending $2500 to hold a class with a non-local teacher. The easiest way to lower this cost would be to have the teacher stay with a member, providing a suitable volunteer can be found and that such an arrangement is acceptable to the teacher.
Attendance Statistics:

Number of Students in Each Class Total number of students: 86
19 Sylvia Murariu Total number of different people: 67
25 Tony Minieri Students in 2 different classes: 7
26 Mary Alice Sinton Students in 3 different classes: 3
16 Ellen Chester Student in all 4 classes: 2

The classes in Vermont and Connecticut had more local students than not. For Vermont, 9 of the 19 students were from Green Mountain Chapter. For Connecticut, 11 of the 16 students were from CRVC or Pioneer Valley. I could not detect any local clusters for the classes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
Pat Timpanaro


Toys Committee
Work has continued with The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountain Program at their Expo in Essex Junction, Vermont and the Leader Training Camp in Thetford, Vermont. Both Vermont and New Hampshire Girl Scouts and Leaders were represented at these events. Girl Scout Expo had over 1100 participants this April in Essex, VT. We had a booth, with three Green Mountain Chapter members helping over 85 youths stitch on a large frame stretched with muslin. A leader workshop on teaching youth basic stitches was given for 15 leaders with 5 teens participating.

They did provide reimbursement for supplies not donated for these workshops. Other New England Girl Scout State Organizations will be contacted to see about participation.

The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountain Leaders Training Camp was held Sept 8-9, with leaders from the two states. Two classes were held on the Saturday, both were two hour sessions covering teaching youth basic embroidery stitches. The morning class was surface stitches and the afternoon class was creating a sampler on counted fabric. Ten leaders participated in the first session; twelve in the second, two of which were also in the first class. These leaders averaged 14 girls in each of their troops. They and other leaders not in the class expressed interest in having more training in embroidery.

EGA Youth Chairman has expressed interest in what is being done and arrangements have been made for the “TOYS” project to be presented in the Education Exhibit Hall at EGA Seminar 2019 with an exhibit and person to answer questions.

To reach Youth Groups:

  1. To know who to contact.
  2. Someone to make the initial contact. This is very IMPORTANT.
  3. Someone to give the instructions.

Diana Snyder Sue Polumbo
Carolyn Ball-Hanson


Nothing new to report.

Lynn Mcann


Seminar 2020
Logo for print advertising and merchandise approved in August.
Workplan approved and full loan amount of $7500 given to us at Seminar 2018. Jane McCord in process of opening checking account.
Tote bag and needle minders sold at Seminar 2018 - Barbara Hepburn to give merchandise sales update. Teacher proposals accepted starting November 1.
In process of finalizing date/location/committee for Faculty selection. We need to invite Gwen Nelson, National Seminar Chair, Celeste Chalasani, Director of Education, and Jane Farber, Dean of Faculty for 2021.
The following committee chairs have been filled:
Merchandise & Favors: Barbara Hepburn
Angels: Diana Snyder
Seminar Brochure(online only): Linda Marchand
Tea Cozy Exhibit: Suzanne Bruno
I am now seeking candidates for the following additional committee chairs :

  1. Banquets ( Menu, decorations, seating plans)
  2. Education Exhibit ( will work with National Exhibit chair- receipt of entries, set-up, coordinating with volunteer chair for manpower to oversee exhibit)
  3. Nametags (design and execution of nametags for Seminar committee and National Board)
  4. Newsletter Editor
  5. Handbook ( coordination, printing, advertising)
  6. Teachers Showcase
  7. Merchandise Night
  8. Signage
  9. Inventory receipt/Verification
  10. Volunteer coordinator**** Critical position. The last two seminars have struggled to have sufficient volunteer’s on-site to help staff exhibits/fundraising/bag check/next seminar preview.

In addition we will need a lot of hours from those attending Seminar 2019 to man our class preview for 2020. Linda Tierney, Registrar and Chris Gaugh, Dean of Faculty, will need to be present the majority of the time the area is open. We will need 2-3 additional people at all times just roving the area.
For our 2020 seminar we will need volunteers to help set-up prior, 1 to 11/2 days before the start of seminar. Volunteers will be needed for bag check, seminar office, and potentially fund raising.
National has decided to allow the host region to present opportunity baskets OR NOT. Revenue would go to the region. We need to discuss. EGA will not be doing the all-expense opportunity any more due to different legal issues in each state. EGA Auction will NOT be held every year. So if we do any fund-raising activities we will have to man the area at all times.
Want to discuss ideas for 2020 invitation to be shared at 2019 Seminar and preliminary ideas for favors and potential impact to NER Spring Break.
Suzanne Bruno to discuss Tea Cozy exhibit.
Lorie Welker, Chair 2020 National Seminar



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