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NER Officer & Committee Reports October 21, 2017

Region Director

1. Please check out the EGA Website FAQ (included in the newsletter – page 7) if you are having any issues with your account.

2. The National Nominating Committee has announced its slate of officers for the upcoming 2018 election:


    1. President                   Janet Noble                 Carolina
    2. Vice President          Marnie Graley            Tennessee Valley
    3. Secretary                   Maria Hall                  Metropolitan
    4. Treasurer                  Jennifer Mullins         South Central
    5. Director Education  Celeste Chalasani       Greater Pacific
    6. Director Bylaws       Georgann Lane           Greater Pacific
    7. Director  Marketing Beth Lindsay              New England

3. Please make sure to check out the scholarship offerings from National. Information can be found on the website.

4. The Officers’ notebooks have been eliminated. All information is now on-line only. Physical copies are no longer required for officers to keep.

Kari Boardman

There has been no activity.
Most chapters have not sent me their 2017 member lists. This is not an issue this year since we are not doing a postal mailing like we did last year with the seminar brochure. This information is needed so we can make sure all plural members whose primary chapter is not in NER receive news of our activities.
If we are going to mail a printed brochure to everyone in NER for any future activities, the NER Membership Chairman needs to receive this information.
Since we are almost to the 2018 renewal time, I am not asking for the 2017 lists from the non-responding chapters. It would be nice if the 2018 lists were sent when they are available. As we have asked in the past, when sending the membership renewals to national, also send an electronic copy of the list to me. Please send the list in an electronic format that can be manipulated, preferable Word or Excel format, not PDF.

Pat Timpanaro

Newsletter Report:
The deadline for submissions to the newsletter is always the NER Board meeting. The newsletter is published within 30 days of the board meeting. Please don’t forget to give me any information that your chapter wants to share.
Denise Pratt

Toys Committee:

The committee members have made little progress getting schools interested in teacher participation. The Marcotte Central School in South Burlington, VT recently had an article published in the local paper about the art students  entitled “Sew Much Fun”.  It went on to describe “stuffed monsters” made in art class and how they learned the techniques of back, whipped, running and other stitches. This was one of the ideas given to the teachers at the TOYS Training session. That teacher had not previously done embroidery.

The committee at the last NER meeting discussed expanding the program to other groups. This is now being done.

Girl Scouts leaders are now also being contacted. The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountain Program Coordinator was met with  recently. They are most enthusiastic about TOYS and have offered opportunities for training leaders and giving workshops for both leaders and girls. They hold an annual Expo with over 1000 participants. This April it is in Essex, VT and we are invited to have a booth and present a workshop. As the
venue is at the large Champlain Valley Expo Center there is a fee of $75 (they discounted the usual cost of $150 for out non-profit status and being able to present a workshop) Next year it will be held in New Hampshire and there will be no fee. Other workshop programs can be added to their schedule at any time with a two month notice to allow time for publicity. They do provide supplies for these workshops. Other New England Girl Scout State Organizations will be contacted to see about participation.

-Diana Snyder
-Sue Polumbo
-Carolyn Ball-Hanson


The Snowflake Ball GCC is being turned in this week. Maharajah’s Elephant registration has been sent in to National. The next GCC to be offered will be “More Than a Rose.”

See Pat Timpanaro’s report for news on the Phillips Grant classes that are coming this year. See Diana Snyder’s report on the T.O.Y.S. program.

Plans are under way for “Spring Break” the weekend of March 30-31, 2019. This will be held in place of a regional seminar. There will be four teachers and studio time. We are looking at a hotel in Enfield, CT. Stay tuned for further details.

-Susan Polumbo
NER Education Chair

Corresponding Secretary:
Since the October board meeting, I have sent out two cards.

A sympathy card was sent in October to Susan Gustafson, and a “thinking of you” card for Rachel Atkinson was sent in February.

-Lisa Green

Nothing new to report. As usual, if you have anything to add, please send it along.

Carrie Powanda Croft

Outreach Report:
No report.

-Carolyn Ball-Hanson


The following items have been reviewed since June 2017:

1. Request to change By-Law regarding NER Meeting schedule being changed from having to be held in November to having it be held in the Fall. Review of By-Laws indicates that this change is not necessary as the current by law states the following:

“The region shall hold three meetings per year unless otherwise ordered by the board of directors.”

2. Request to eliminate the requirement to have a Corresponding Secretary as an officer of NER. Before removing this officer from our by-laws, we need to also revise our policy and procedure regarding the duties of the corresponding secretary. Proposal will be presented at the March 2018 Meeting.

3. Seminar Restructure Committee – In the process of developing an action plan for the committee members to utilize in determining how we propose to restructure organization and administration of the seminar in the future. The goal being to have more chapters/members involved seminar.

-Lynn Mcann

Phillips Grant Committee:

Class #3: Beading with Mary Alice Sinton, April 28 and 29, 2018
Registration closed with 26 students in the class! This is 2 more than the contract maximum, which Mary Alice graciously allowed us to extend. Everything is on schedule and plan for the class in 6 weeks.

Class #4: Counted Thread on Linen Stitching with Ellen Chester, September 8 and 9, 2018
Ellen sent me the information for her new-in-2018 classes. After talking with a few of her regular students, we decided that the best choice is “My Needle’s Worke Sampler Huswif,” which can also be finished as a sampler. This was the only 2-day class in her portfolio which has not been previously taught in this area.  I have proposals from 4 hotels in the Hartford/Springfield area. Sue Polumbo will be doing site visits between the time that I am writing this and our NER Board meeting. The financials for 3 of the 4 hotels are close enough that classroom features will likely be the deciding factor in choosing the venue.

-Pat Timpanaro

Seminar 2020:

Hotel contract with Sheraton in Back Bay Boston, MA signed by all parties late December 2017. Ad for March NeedleArts submitted using photograph provided by the Sheraton Hotel.
Chris Gaugh, Asst Registrar, attended Seminar 2019 faculty selection for training.

EC had first meeting in early March. Mainly reviewed timeline for Dean of Faculty and Registrar. Assistant Treasurer has work-plan template and final numbers from 2016 and 2017.

EGA Board has just approved National Seminar guidelines updates which 2020 will need to follow.

Theme to be finalized at NER March Board meeting. We need to finalize logo so that our official logo can be used in NeedleArts advertising.

Once we have theme/logo then merchandise planning is key for the fall. Finalizing work plan is also key to complete in order to get loan from EGA.

-Lori Welker
Chair 2020 National Seminar

The website will be updated after the meeting.
-Joanna Enzmann


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