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Merrimack Valley Chapter - News

Merrimack Valley Chapter meets monthly April through December on the third Tuesday.  Meetings start at 7 pm at the Hampton Inn, 25 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford MA 01821 on the Bedford/Billerica line. Stitch-ins are held January through March on the third Tuesday

This week marks our final stitch-in of the winter season and we’re ready to start our program year in April. Program Chairman Martha Roberts has put together what looks like a fun-filled year with interesting and educational opportunities:

    1. April: Continuation of Alison Cole goldwork project started in December
    2. May: Lecture by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
    3. June: Gingerbread Heart, Petite Project taught by Kari Boardman
    4. July: Begin pre-class stitching for Schwalm Embroidery workshop in September
    5. August: Beaded bracelet taught by Rosemary Carter
    6. September: Schwalm Embroidery Workshop taught by Diana Snyder
    7. October: To Be Determined
    8. November: Dove of Peace taught by Amee Sweet-McNamara
    9. December: Begin Felt Applique Bowl taught by Pam Lathwood, to be finished in April 2019

We are all looking forward to our Twelfth Biennial Seminar with Kay Stanis and Jennifer Riefenberg on July 28 and 29, 2019.
The hotel where we have been meeting for several years will be raising the rent, effective May 1. The new rent, along with the associated fees, is more than we can afford, so we have been looking for a new location. We think we have found a place.  The price is right and one of our members, who works in the immediate area, did a site visit. Two of our members are meeting with the hotel’s sales manager this week and we hope to be able to announce the new location within a few days.

(Editor's note: see above for the new meeting place.)

Pat Timpanaro


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