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Green Mountain Chapter - News

Green Mountain Chapter meets the second Wednesday of the month from 9:30 to 3. Meeting place is Ascension Lutheran Church 95 Allen Road, South Burlington, VT. If interested in attending, please contact Dawn Senftleber or Green Mountain Chapter.

Past Programs & Business:

Our April meeting was canceled due to the Corona virus. In May and June we met via ZOOM sharing our “stay at home” projects. It was determined we would continue to meet each month during the summer.


Membership renewal remains at 35 with two members not renewing and two new members.


Library stitch-ins for summer were cancelled ; however bookmarks already stitched have been
distributed to libraries to give children in their youth programs. Shelburne Museum is closed for the season so we are no longer volunteering or selling items at the gift shop.
Women’s Suffragette Celebration : A committee is creating a flag to be presented at the Woman’s Suffragette event at the State House that has been rescheduled to 2021. (Check out the event information on website


Meetings via Zoom will be held on 2nd in July and August, continuing in the fall if necessary.
September 9: Pulled Thread – A Sampler or Nametag – Diana Snyder, instructor
October 9: Field Trip to Dianne Schullenberger – fiber artist‘s studio
November 11: Battenburg Lace Ornament – Natalie Feilchenfeid
December 9: Holiday lunch and ornament exchange

Officers and Chairmen:

President Dawn Senftleber
Vice President: Jill Aiken
Secretary: Elaine Kreisler
Treasurer: Ann Buemann
Program: Natalie Feilchenfield
NER Rep: Diana Snyder
Museum: Ellen Thompson
Membership Chair: Gale Kreutz
Outreach:Lorraine Pierce
Newsletter: Elizabeth Nolfe

Diana Snyder, Green Mountain Rep

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