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Green Mountain Chapter - News

Green Mountain Chapter meets the second Wednesday of the month from 9:30 to 3. Meeting place is 5 Aspen Drive South Burlington, VT. If interested in attending, please contact Cathy Pawlowskior Green Mountain Chapter.

Past Programs:
June: Our annual spring luncheon was held at Gale Kruetz’s lakeside home. A silent auction was held
which included several kits and embroidery books inherited from a former embroiderer.
July & August: Library Stitch-Ins.
September: A Romanian Point Lace video was watched and members tried making braid—some with success, others requiring more practice!
October: Worked on our own projects.
November: Museum Pins Workshop—Three work stations were held that featured Finishing, Felt Pins, and Color Harmonies and Stitches. Members chose one workshop and then printed information from all was distributed to everyone.

One member rejoined late and we gained a new member bringing our total to 27. She is the result of requesting help on an embroidery project and was invited to a meeting. We also have an interest group of 4 future members starting in Woodstock, VT. They are meeting locally bi-weekly and will attend chapter meetings as often as possible.

Stitch-ins were held at five locations and over 100 bookmarks were stitched and distributed to interested “visitors”. The sixth stitch-in was held at The Shelburne Library’s Fiber Art Tea in July. We haven’t received any new members as a result of the stitch-ins; however our chapter information has been added to the So. Burlington City Facebook and “City Happenings. This is the result of a city employee attending a stitch-in.

Habitat for Humanity Samplers:
Two Habitat for Humanity Samplers were given to families.

Members continue making items for sale at the Shelburne Museum Artisan Shop. Many items were sold last season with the most popular item being the “ Inch pins”, with over 100 being sold. We are now working on items for next season.

December14: Holiday Luncheon and Ornament Exchange
January 9: Finishing Projects—Members bring items completed this year and share finishing.
February 8: Petite Project-Spring Tulips, Part 1
March 8: Petite Project Spring Tulips, Part 2 April 12: Ribbon Embroidery-Kris Andrews
May 10: Meeting in Woodstock with new interest
June 14: Picnic and Silent Auction

Membership chairman: Gail Kreutz, gkreutz44@gmail.com
Program Chairman: Cathy Pawlowski, catpawl215@yahoo.com
Newsletter: Teresa Mansfield, timans1@outlook.com
President: Dawn Senftleber Dsenft3020@myfairpoint.net

PLEASE NOTE: Green Mountain Chapter meets the second Wednesday of the month from 9:30 to 3.
Meeting place is The Pines #5, Aspen Drive South Burlington, VT.

Contacts : Membership chairman:  Gail Kreutz,
Program Chairman  Cathy Pawlowski
Secretary: Jan Byington
Newsletter: Ellen Thompson
--Diana Snyder

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