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EGA Natonal Seminar 2020, a Boston Stitch Party

Sheraton Hotel, Back Bay, Boston


Save the date, September 3 - 8, 2020.
Seminar Chairman: Lori Welker.

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mayflowerBoston Stitch Party
EGA 2020 National Seminar
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Boston Stitch Party 2020 Tea Cozy Exhibit
Tea Cozy Chatter 

Tea Cozy Pattern

Boston Stitch Party 2020 National Seminar Tea Cozy Exhibit Submission Information

By the time you are reading this we will have returned from St. Louis and will be in high gear to prepare for our Boston Stitch Party 2020 National Seminar! I am so excited to be organizing this Tea Cozy Exhibit and show our fellow stitchers the local talent of the New England Region Embroiderers.

I attended National Seminar in St. Louis and volunteered in the exhibit room where I enjoyed the reaction of the visitors to the beautiful displays and educational exhibits. I had the opportunity to talk with the National and Seminar Exhibit Chairs as well as the Seminar Volunteer Chair and learned a lot about the process. I hope you are considering volunteering in Boston. In addition to the organized signup with the Seminar Volunteer Chair I will be scheduling my own Tea Cozy Exhibit Volunteers. The busiest time in the exhibit room is lunch between 11:30 - 1:30 and after classes 4:30 - 6:30. If you have any interest in a shift will you contact me and I will add you to my list? You are not obligated in any way if you find you cannot volunteer. I will not be firming up the times till much closer and you will have had a chance to register for your classes. I am hoping to take 1 class and it was very difficult to select as these classes are outstanding.

People were charmed by the idea of a Tea Cozy Exhibit, the responses were heartwarming and enthusiastic and I am looking forward to seeing all the variations you are coming up with. I even had a sneak peek at a miniature tea cozy being made by a member of NER ! You can bet people will be talking about our Tea Cozies next year and even adding them to their stitching "to do" list.

I have included the Tea Cozy Submission Form and the Insurance/Waiver Forms in this newsletter for you.    You must complete one of the insurance forms and include it with your Submission Form. I will take your Submission Forms as soon as you want to get them to me. Please send them to me by the June 15, 2020 deadline. Please send *just* the forms at this time. We will be accepting your Tea Cozy/Cozies at Seminar on a date, time and place to be scheduled later. I will be contacting each of you who will be participating with all the pertinent drop off and pick up information before Seminar. You do not need to attend Seminar to submit a Tea Cozy for the exhibit, send it along with a Chapter member or contact me if you are having trouble making arrangements.                                                           As always, please feel free to contact me at any time about the exhibit. Thank you all so much for your support of this project.

Suzanne Bruno, 4 Christina Ct, Raymond ME 04071 oncrescentlake@gmail.com 207-627-4979

* 3 Tea Cozy limit per person
* Tea Cozy must be done with a threaded needle
* Does not need to be original design, designers will be credited
* Antique or "gifted" to you Tea Cozies are welcome
* Open to members of New England Region
* Piece must be in good display condition with no stains or rips
* Your name must be attached to the inside of the piece
* Insurance Form 1 or 3 must be included


Boston Stitch Party

The Embroiderer's Guild of America National Seminar September 3 - 8, 2020 ~ Boston, Massachusetts


Street Address

City, State, Zip


Phone (day, evening, cell)

NER Chapter Affiliation

Tea Cozy Title

Stitched by                                                                   Designed by

Techniques and materials used


Dimensions (measure flat please, width and height)

In 25 words or less what would you like to tell us about your Tea Cozy?


Tea Cozy Return ~ please check one

______ I will pick up my Tea Cozy at the end of the exhibit
______ I authorize                                                          to pick up my Tea Cozy at the end of the exhibit ______ I have included return postage for my Tea Cozy to be mailed directly to me

Insurance Form attached
______ Form 1
______ Form 3

Signature                                                                                                     Date                            _


Please return the Submission and Insurance forms only by June 15, 2020 to:
Suzanne Bruno, 4 Christina Ct,

Raymond, ME 04071
or scan and send to me at oncrescentlake@gmail.com

NER Tea Cozy Exhibit
Boston Stitch Party 2020
National Seminar
September 3-8, 2020
Sheraton Boston Hotel

The Embroiderers' Guild of America
Individual Appraisal of Fine Arts For Chapter or Region Exhibits or Shows Which Open after December 31, 2013

Form 1

EGA's insurance  contains a  Fine Arts   Floater that is  designed to  protect
needlework pieces owned or in the care, custody, or control of EGA, its regions,  or  its   chapters.  Pieces  owned  by  individual  members are
covered  while  on exhibit  or while  being transported  to  exhibits  or shows
by chapter, regions or the national organization . While a piece remains in the owner's home or while it is being transported by its owner (shipment to exhibit), it is not covered by EGA insurance. The coverage fimit for the Exhibitions is $250,000 total loss with a $10,000 per item limit. A $250 deductible  applies to each occurrence.  This means one  $250 deductible
will be deducted from the total stated values of all items for which a claim has been made. Example: Five (5) exhibitors have presented a claim for
$6,000 total. The $250 deductible will be prorated among the five (5) exhibitors.

In order to be covered it is necessary to fill out and sign the following form
or include an appraisal by a qualified third party.


Name of Chapter/Region                                                                                                        
Exhibit Date(s) Sept 3 – 8, 2020

Name of Exhibitor                                                 Phone:                                     _


Name of Piece_________________________________


Designer's Name                                                                                                   

Cost of Materials     $____________
Cost of Finishing     $_____________
Labor* hrs__ x__ $_____________
    Total $_____________
How many of like item? ___ x Total   $_____________

I understand that the deadline for filing a claim for loss or damage is three (3) months following the close of the exhibit.

Signature _______________________________________________ Date___________

* Labor is computed by multiplying the total number of
hours spent in completing the piece by the current
minimum wage of your state.



NotesThe Embroiderers' Guild of America 1205 East Washington Street, Suite 117
Louisville, KY 40206
502-589-6956 www.egausa.org

NER Tea Cozy Exhibit
Boston Stitch Party 2020
National Seminar September 3-8, 2020
Sheraton Boston Hotel

The Embroiderers' Guild of America
Waiver of Appraisal of Fine Arts Form



It is mutualy understood and agreed that I,                                                               have knowingly and willingly  chosen  to  exclude my  embroidery  pieces  from  the  coverage  afforded  the EGA, its regions, its chapters, and its members for the exhibition located at Boston Stitch Party – Sheraton., Boston  for the perios Sept 2 - 8, 2020. I hereby acknowledge my awareness that coverage for my embroidery pieces is availabe under the EGA national insurance program but I have voluntarily chosen not to complete the Individual Appraisal of Fine Arts form, which needs to be completed no less than five (5) days prior to the first day of the exhibition period listed above, thereby voluntarily excluding any and all of my exhibited pieces of embroidery from the coverage offered under the EGA national insurance program.



Text Box: Title of Piece:  	                                                                                                  Designer's Name: 			 Technique:.


Signed this                day of                   _.20     


Chapter Name                                                 

The Embroiderers' Guild of America
1205 East Washington Street Suite 117
Louisville, KY 40206
502.589.6956 www.egausa.org


Susan Bruno




You can find more information about the above mentioned historic house museums on their websites




  1. The 2020 National seminar committee has been chosen and approved by National:

    1. Seminar Chair: Lorie Welker

    2. Assistant Seminar Chair: Kari Boardman

    3. Dean of Faculty: Chris Gaugh

    4. Assistant Treasurer: Jane McCord

    5. Assistant Registrar: Linda Tierney

    6. Seminar Secretary: Lisa Green


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