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Welcome to the Web site of The New England Region of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. (EGA). We invite you to come join us, sharing our love of stitching, as we preserve the needle art of embroidery and participate in educational programs. EGA has approximately 20,000 members in 354 chapters in 13 Regions scattered across the United States, plus one chapter on-line. Our National Headquarters and the Margaret Parshall Gallery are located in Louisville, Kentucky.

The New England Region Inc., affectionately known by its members as NER, has approximately 875 members in 9 chapters. These chapters and their area groups are located in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

As a region, we offer Group Correspondence Courses, a Region Day educational program or tour and other educational opportunities. A multi-day seminar or stitch-in is held each year giving region members a chance to study with nationally recognized teachers.


As you all know EGA Seminar 2020, BOSTON STITCH PARTY is being rescheduled, with this in mind Merchandise and especially Nametag Kits will be kept in circulation and still be for sale.  We need to keep Boston Stitch Party in the forefront of everyone’s minds and what better way than to use and display your Boston Stitch Party merchandise and Name Tag.

We are New England Strong, we will look forward to sharing Boston with our friends from other areas in the future.  Make your name tags and flaunt your merchandise!

Thank you all for your continued support of BOSTON STITCH PARTY.


Message from the Region Director

Greetings from the tropics of New England.

Tropic zones are hot and rainy! Certainly describes NE this summer - although there have been a few
cool/cold days.

Hoping you are all stitching away. The COVID pandemic lead me to cleaning my stitch stash. WOW
I have all these unfi nished “new” projects to work on. Having fun fi nishing things that are 25 years or

As we near the middle of 2021, Lorie Welker is revisiting and restarting work for Boston Stitch Party
2023. The committee is looking for your support and enthusiasm to make this the best seminar yet.
CRVC and PVC are beginning the teacher selection process for the regional seminar The Stitches That
Bind Us in 2022. They have received a varied selection of teachers and pieces. The brochure and
registration should be ready by the end of August. See the ad in this newsletter.

The nominating committee is still looking for an assistant regional director. If you know of someone
who would be interested - or if you are - please contact Sue Andrews, Nominating committee chair at
doctrsue@gmail.com. The new executive committee will be voted on and sworn in at our November
regional board meeting.

It is with deep appreciation (and regret) for a job well done that I have accepted Denise Pratt’s
resignation as the newsletter editor after this issue. Denise has done a fabulous job with our newsletter.
Thank you, Denise

I am happy to announce that Linda Berry of CRVC has been awarded the Gold Thread Award for New
England. Linda is a long time member of CRVC and is always ready to volunteer. She is the registrar
for The Stitches That Bind Us.
New England Region

I am preparing for my last national board meeting in Chicago. Tricia Barry will be joining me as our
nominated regional director. The board will be voting on several important issues for the future of
EGA. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me.

This is my last letter to the membership as regional director. I hope that I have represented the members
of the region with their satisfaction. I have enjoyed my term in offi ce and I am proud of our region and
the way all of you–chapters and members–stood strong during the pandemic. We are not out of it yet
and I do see Zoom and other virtual communications remaining with us in our new world. I wish all a
happy, healthy future fi lled with lots of stitching and enduring friendships.

Yours in stitching!

Susan Polumbo
Director - New England Region
Embroiderers’ Guild of America
New England Region Director


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Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures of the New England Region are available here


The bylaws of the New England Region are available here.

Logo Article

                The EGA  Product Sales and Design Committee is a group of 8 individuals from across the USA.  All are chapter members, some are officers, and still others are EGA officials.  The purpose of the committee is to review logos proposed by chapters, regions, seminars, and other entities. Logos can be used on paper goods, clothing, advertising materials, stitching items, etc.

                The process is that a group requesting approval to create or to use an already approved logo submits it to AliceRae Kutish at kutish3216@aol.com.  It is then passed on to the committee for comments.  Usually within  5 days a decision is made and sent back to the group which requested it.   If there are questions about the logo or suggestions about ways to change it they are sent back to the requesting group.  Then the group has a chance to redesign it or explain why it should remain as originally submitted. 



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